Jamie Duke

Software Developer

About Me

My name is Jamie and I am a junior software developer and graduate of the Nashville Software School with a focus on C#/.NET development.

My professional background is in home medical equipment, but my personal interests have always lain with technology. The IBM 486 my dad brought home when I was a kid piqued my curiosity. My mind was blown when Pentium II processors and Voodoo 2 graphics cards hit the market. A high school course on Hardware and Computer Manufacturing further stoked my desire to learn more. I kept this passion as a hobby for the most part, but in 2015 I decided to channel this energy into a more career oriented path. I learned of NSS and the opportunities it presented to one such as myself, and my journey as a developer began. I am a nature enthusiast and video game aficionado and live in Tennessee by way of Arizona.

Bro Night

Game night planner/organizer for folks who have too many games.

You play video games brah? You know how Steam only lets you compare your list of games with one other person? What if your gaming group consisted of 3 or more people? How can you keep track of how many players a particular game supports? This app takes care of all that.

Check it out here!


Logistics app to eliminate unnecessary phone calls to your field staff.

Are there too many calls going on between you and your field staff regarding information that you feel you should have at your fingertips? WhereYouAt allows field staff to send information about a particular stop to a database that office staff can then read from and not have to pick up the phone.

Check it out here!

Contact Me

If you have a career opportunity or just want to say hello, please feel free to reach out to me through one of the outlets below!